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  • COREvalue Management
    The partners:
    Dr. Jürgen Wegmann
    Pierre Drach
    Björn Ehring
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  • November 11 to 13, 2013
    German Equity Forum
    The German Equity Forum provides investors and capital seeking companies an optimal platform for a come together and the possibility to extend their existing networks. This year anew, COREvalue is an active participant in the German Equity Forum and establishes contact between capital seeking companies and potential investors.
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Welcome to COREvalue

COREvalue specialises in individual consulting and advisory services concerning all matters connected with the financial market. COREvalue GmbH is the joint consulting company of four successful entrepreneurs and capital market consultants.

 Our mission: COREvalue provides integrated consulting solutions – across all industries and independent of banks – to non-listed companies, listed companies and listing candidates.

Thanks to our long-standing practical expertise in the capital market we know the needs and interests of the financial community. Out of this understanding we develop tailor-made financing concepts for our customers and support them actively in implementing these measures.

You will not receive off-the-shelf concepts. Instead, we will develop a customised, coherent set of measures based on an up-to-date analysis of your enterprise. Thus, we make sure that your company will be optimally positioned for competition in the capital market.

Your COREvalue team


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